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Garrison is a legand across the land. People
speak tale's of his fighting skill's and
great swordman ship. Retired for reasons unkown,
Garrison is force to join the group out of love
for Gully. He weld's a magic sword and is a natural
First apperance:
Battle Chasers 1.


Gully is a ten year old girl searching for
her missing father. She have in her possession
a pair of all powerful glove's which grant the
wearer superhuman strength. She is staying
with the group in order to find her father.
First apperance:
Battle Chasers Prelude


knolan is the magic welder, or wizard of the
group. He has taken Gully under his wings to
look after her until her father is recovered.
He's very old and wise, but he's very cranky
and very closed up. He is known as the greatest mage in the lands.
First apperance:
Battle Chasers 1


Calibretto is a machine build for destruction
centuries ago. Called a war golem, they're sole purpose was
to create war. Outlawed in the known lands, a war golem is
killed on site. With his kind soul, calibretto is known to
his friends as a gentle and warm being. He is Knolan
companion and friend.
First apperance:
Battle Chasers 1

Red Monika

A killer for hire. She is a bounty hunter of the
highest order. She have a deep history with Garrison
that we don't know to much about. At time's she'll be
helping the group against commen foe's, other time's
she will be their greatest foe.
First apperance:
battle Chasers 1
Akiman And Bengus

Two very dangerous bounty hunters. They are the
loyal left and right hand's of Red Monika. They
spent time in the famous floating prison Skyhold.
They both have a mutation we're not aware of, but
we should be seeing a lot from these two in the near
First apperance:
Battle Chasers 1
King Vaneer

Ruler over the largest city in the known territories
( Capital City ), King Vaneer rule's with an iron
fist. Not known to show compassion or mercey to any.
it is not know if his heart is pure, just that he all
way's have some plot up his sleeves
First apperance:
Battle Chasers 3

The captain of the King's elite military strike force
team known as the Marshal Paladins, Maestro is one of
the most feared men in the land. he train garrison
First apperance:
Battle Chasers 3
Brass Demur

Brass Demur is an elite killing machine. With fighting
skills that out match Garrison, and strange marking's
that protect his body, he is the perfect killer.
Claiming he will not see peace until he defeat garrison
he will stop at nothing in order to achieve his goal.
First apperance:
Battle Chasers 4
Bulgrim and his vessel

A demon trap within a ruby braclet, Bulgrim search's
for a vessel with a pure heart so he may walk the
earth free once more. His vessel is nameless at the
moment, but we know she was a grave robber one point
within her life.
First apperance:
Battle Chasers 4

A powerful wizard, Cranius control power beyond limits.
He appears to be a common thug, helping two other's wage war against
Capital City. Knolan banned him with a banisher
First apperance:
battle Chasers 4
Sebastius Nefar

Little is known about this man, except he wants
to control Gully magic gloves. He also control
an army of werewolf creature's and countless
other creatures of the night.
First apperance:
Battle Chasers 1(shadow figure)
Full apperance:
Battle Chasers 6

A band of werewolf creatures. They have the power
to change form using a gem around their necks.
They are ruthless killers working for Sebastius
Nefar. They show no mercy, and they fean for blood
First apperance:
Battle Prelude
Lord Augest

Not much is known about Lord Augest. He was
responsible for turing the war golom's against
there makers. Expect to be seeing a lot of him
in the future.
First apperance:
Battle Chasers 2 (shadow figure)
Full apperance:
Battle Chasers 6

A band of dark creatures working for Nefar.
We don't know much about where they come from,
but we do know that their not very smart.
First apperance:
Battle chasers 2

more coming soon!!!

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